Dressing Tips for Men at the Prom

Dressing Tips for Men at the Prom

Dance is a large formal gathering held to celebrate an important event. While the dress code varies, the dress code is generally exquisite, usually a black or white tie. Choosing attire and classy attire for a particular prom will ensure that you respect the host and the formality of the occasion.

Choose suitable clothing

1. Follow the dress code

Look at prom invitations to see if there are any special dress codes, such as black or white ties. Depending on the guest of honour, military uniforms, specific colours, or other ceremonial attire may be required. Note that the prom's theme may indicate typical attire in the dress code. For example, a masquerade might be a black tie, requiring a Venetian mask. 

2. Consider the time

Please indicate the time of the event on the invitation, which can give you a clue as to the level of formality to expect. Balls held in the afternoon may be slightly less formal than those contained in the evening. In general, evening events are more traditional than day events. Lighter colours are best for daytime events, while darker colours and blacks are usually better for evening dance parties.

3. Talking to other guests

Ask friends or family at the prom what they plan to wear. They can help you decide if you're dressing too casually for an event or if your look is just right. They can also help explain any creative requirements in the dress code.
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Create the look of a sunny gentleman

1. Choose a dark suit

Choose a navy, black or dark grey suit for a ball that is not a black or white tie. Some military balls require civilians to wear suits instead of tuxedos. Pair a dark suit with a plain tie or bow. A bow tie might look a little more formal. Choose a tie in a standard material, such as silk or satin. Avoid fancy prints and opt for classics like houndstooth. 

2. Tuxedos with bows

Wear a black tuxedo or a white tuxedo and tuxedo pants to the black tie ball. Choose gowns with peaked lapels or shawl collars for an elegant formal look. The peaked lapel is considered the most standard and traditional style of the lapel. Tuxedos are often paired with black or dark bow ties, triangle skirts and square pockets. Choose dark suit accessories or delicate prints on delicate fabrics like silk.
Choose a sophisticated white dress shirt that matches the suit of your choice. Wear a polished white oxford with a dark suit, and a white cotton cape tuxedo shirt with a tuxedo. Tuxedo shirts are cut for more formal accessories like belts or waistcoats, whereas Oxfords are not.

3. Shoes and Bouquet

Wear black leather or patent dress shoes, depending on your outfit. Wear formal black leather shoes, elevated heels or lace-ups with a dark suit. Black tie events are available in regular or patent black leather. For a white tie, lace-up black patent leather shoes are preferred.
Wear a bouquet. Choose a bouquet of flowers to match with a dark suit, tuxedo or tailcoat whenever possible. If you choose a bouquet without flowers, choose a natural or bejewelled bouquet to match the event's formality, such as a feathered ribbon or a small bouquet of herbs. Avoid fake bouquets as they may feel funny or cheap. 


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