How to Match Your Suit - Men's Fashion Tips

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People always want to know how to pick up the suits—picking out the perfect suit and dressing it to perfection.

1. First things first, the fit is king.

It doesn't matter what brand you're wearing. It doesn't matter how much you spend on your suit. If it doesn't fit, it's a bad suit. I see a lot of guys getting a suit that's one size too big, and the result of that is the shoulders of the suit flop over your natural shoulders, and you will get a dent. An easy way to check if the suit shoulder fits you is to go up against the wall. Your suit should first touch the wall, followed by your shoulder. If there's any bunching of fabric in between, your suit is too big. If your shoulder hits the wall first before the suit's material, it is too tight. It's essential that you can comfortably cross your arms without tearing the fabric across your back.

If you're buying your first suit, you should get a versatile suit that you can wear to a wedding, to an event or to work. Also, a navy suit for all occasions. If you already have a few suits and you want to buy more, there are two things you should focus on. That's your skin tone and the season. If it's winter, you want to go for something heavier, such as wool or corduroy. If it's summer, you want to go for lighter fabrics such as cotton, linen or even a fragile ball of fine wool. When it comes to colour, you want bright colours that will pop and make a statement in the summer months. But for winter and autumn, you want brown, navy and darker shades. Generally, it just looks good in the light of that season.

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2. Now let's talk about pants.

First, you want to make sure the waist of the pants fits yours properly. How do you find your natural waist? Well, take three fingers and place them right below your belly button. And that's your natural waist. That's where your suit pants should fit. These aren't jeans, and these don't sweat pants, so don't let them sink too low. Your suit pants should fit comfortably without the need for a belt. The best quality suit pants are made without belt loops. They're made with little hinges and attachments on the sides to make small changes in case you gain a pound or two. The suit fabric should naturally drape the contour of your legs without being too loose or snug.
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3. Most importantly, you want a shirt that's long enough, so it stays neatly tucked into your pants all day.

You want to get a semi-spread collar. The collar works with pretty much anything; tie or no tie. Avoid getting a collar that buttons down. It doesn't look good with a suit. Just go for the classic, two-button barrel cuff. No need for french cuffs. No need for cufflinks right now. Start by getting a quality collection of basic shirts first, and then you can start exploring and finding out what works for you. What do I think about undershirts? I don't think you need them; get rid of them. They never look good, and they make your midsection seems heavy. And some people say it prevents a sweat stain from going on the dress shirt, but that doesn't happen. They make you hotter and sweaty, and there's no benefit to an undershirt. Ties, make sure that when you're wearing a link, it doesn't go past your belt, and it doesn't sit too high up on your torso because it will make you look bad.
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4. Also, when selecting the colour of your tie, make sure it fits the colour palette of your suit and your dress shirt.

I also opt for a tie bar. It looks great, but it also keeps your tie in the same place all day without falling to either side. What's the deal with pocket squares? Well, I think pocket squares are great. They allow you to show more personality and add more colour to your wardrobe. Many people believe that your pocket square needs to perfectly match your tie or dress shirt. But that's not true. It can be that perfect slight accent of colour that you don't expect. But, again, it should stay in the same colour palette that your tie, suit, and dress shirt are in. There are a million ways to fold your pocket square. But I like to keep it simple, as I do with most things. So I either go for the conservative court or, if I'm feeling very fashionable, I'll go for the 4 point look. Time to figure out what kind of sock to wear. Here's a place for you to show even more personality. Get some crazy coloured socks. You really should only be seeing your socks when you're seated.
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5. In addition to this, you can also have cufflinks on your shirt.

Cufflinks are used on special cufflinks shirts, replacing the button part of the cuffs. They are similar in size to ordinary buttons, but because of the fine material and shape, more stylistic styles and personalised needs of customisation, they play a good role in decoration, inadvertently making the scenery of men's otherwise monotonous dresses and suits infinite.


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